New informations


Dear Participants,

We are happy to inform you that the jury has chosen the top three admissions in the following order:

1. Julio Carrión Cueva – „Recycle”
2. Kutasi Károly –  Cím nélkül
3. Maxim Smagin – „Olympic Games”

Thank you again for the great deal of interesting and high quality works of art.



Dear Participants,

All 54 works, selected by the jury, can be seen by clicking below.
Too Much Waste – International Cartoon Contest

The drawings will be displayed from November 22nd in the Liszt Ferenc Conference and Cultural Center.

Thank you again.


Dear competitors,

Thank you very much for the over 400 works of art. The jury has chosen 54 pieces from among the submissions that based on their sophistication and message best illustrate the competition’s purpose.

The best drawings will soon be posted to our homepage as well as our Facebook page.

The drawings will be displayed from November 22nd in the Liszt Ferenc Conference and Cultural Center. We are sure that with your help we can awaken a sense of responsibility in the visitors to the exhibition.

Thank you again.

The STKH Team


In what kind of form and style should we make our works? What should they express explicitly and implicitly?

There are no restrictions in style and form. You can present the theme freely and unbound. The only important thing is, that the works should be humorous, thought-provoking and motivate further consideration.
It’s no matter whether you do it explicitly or implicitly. It can be a photomontage, a collage, a painting, a graphite drawing, a tint-drawing, digital technic etc. The original work and the unique idea are the points.

What professional advices can you give us about the contest?

Short professional guide:
We produce today so much trash, that it presents serious threat and problem for the everyday life and for the future of humanity. We should decrease the amount of waste, should produce less trash, should reduce package and should change consumer behaviour. If there is trash, somehow it must “disappear”, it must be recycled or somehow destroyed.

We are waiting for the solutions. 🙂