New informations


Dear Participants,

We are happy to inform you that the jury has chosen the top three admissions and the one special award in the following order:

  1. Marco D’Agostino- Untitled
  2. Kelemen István –  Untitled
  3. Virág Fruzsina Éva – „REDUCE IT!”

Special award: Horst Hellmeier – “Flatten It!”

Thank you again for the great deal of interesting and high quality works of art.



Dear competitors,

Thank you very much for the over 600 works of art. The jury has chosen 35 pieces from among the submissions that based on their sophistication and message best illustrate the competition’s purpose.

All 35 works, selected by the jury, can be seen by clicking below.

Reduce it! Lapítsd ki! – Nemzetközi grafikai pályázat 2015.

Thank you again.
The STKH Team